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That’s gonna be a fine KSN, Removed From Youtube

VIDEO: In something that could have come straight out of Anchorman, KSN Wichita anchor Justin Kraemer channels a little Ron Burgundy and swears on live air, thinking his mic was no longer hot.

A couple days ago I uploaded the above video of a KSN news broadcast to YouTube ( I did so because the upload constituted “fair use” under copyright law.

The video has been featured all over the web, including on the Huffington Post and Gawker, as well as getting play on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

KSN has sent a YouTube take-down request and YouTube has (I believe unfairly) pulled the video.

On the actual content of the video, I am sorry to hear about Justin Kraemer. As a matter of fact, I certainly don’t believe he should have been fired for this mistake in the first place. We all do say fuck every once in awhile. Especially after a long day at work. Were Wichita a bigger market, he may well have been able to apologize to his public and move on. Too bad KSN didn’t allow that to happen.

Saturday night, waiting for SNL, I heard it. Recorded it. Posted it. I thought it was funny, and I thought KSN viewers would either find it just as humorous, or relevant in some other way. That’s that.

DotBlock VPS Contest

DotBlock is giving away 1 full of access to a powerful VPS server!

If you aren’t familiar, DotBlock is a web hosting / VPS hosting company, that rents out virtual private servers for personal and professional use. I use them to power this website, and my Minecraft server.

Recently DotBlock announced a contest where you could win a full year of access to a 6-block virtual private server (a 1-block server has 3GB of RAM and a 3GHZ processor).

If you’d like a high powered Linux server to do your bidding for a year, or just need a more powerful host than GoDaddy for your website, then it’s worth a shot.

You can enter the contest here.


Ambiance Modern For Cinnamon

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect Linux desktop. For a while I was using elementary OS, which boasted the smoothest and cleanest interface you could imagine on a Linux box. Sadly, it lacked the power and customization of other distros, so I switched back to the latest version of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is great, but the Unity interface leaves a lot to be desired, so I switched to Cinnamon. The default Cinnamon theme didn’t fit well with the default Ubuntu theme (Ambiance), so I did a little tweaking. The end result is Ambiance Modern for Cinnamon.

Ambiance ModernAnd here’s what it looks like on my machine.

Ambiance KatzMatt



Chevy Cheyenne

So long story short, I didn’t sleep. Maybe about an hour total. I thought about going back to sleep at 6, but decided that if I just stayed up I might actually be able to break myself of my up-all-night, sleep-until-afternoon pattern that I’ve fallen into recently.

As part of an effort to stay awake, I decided to wander the back yard with my camera and take pictures. It was a good oppurtunity to take some new shots, and to get used to shooting in RAW, since I’m using Lightroom now.

Most of the pictures were boring, but a few of my Grandfather’s Chevy Cheyenne came out well enough I thought I’d post them. Enjoy.

A True Kansas Sunset

A True Kansas Sunset

Recently the family and I took a small road trip out to Parsons Kansas. While I was born here in Wichita I spent a significant chunk of my childhood living in Parsons.

We stayed at a friend of the families house out in the country (well technically the town of Dennis), and on the first night there we decided to go into town. The sunset was so striking that we turned around and went back so that I could grab my camera and take a few pictures.

Click on each photo for more information about it.

A True Kansas Sunset
A True Kansas Sunset
Sunkissed Wheat
Sunkissed Wheat