Ambiance Modern For Cinnamon

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect Linux desktop. For a while I was using elementary OS, which boasted the smoothest and cleanest interface you could imagine on a Linux box. Sadly, it lacked the power and customization of other distros, so I switched back to the latest version of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is great, but the Unity interface leaves a lot to be desired, so I switched to Cinnamon. The default Cinnamon theme didn’t fit well with the default Ubuntu theme (Ambiance), so I did a little tweaking. The end result is Ambiance Modern for Cinnamon.

Ambiance ModernAnd here’s what it looks like on my machine.

Ambiance KatzMatt


2 thoughts on “Ambiance Modern For Cinnamon”

  1. Hello.
    I like this theme very much, but i don’t know how to install it.
    You can leave here a step by step tutorial for this?
    From the clean ubuntu distro(with unity) to the current result.

    Thank you,

    1. There are two things you’ll have to do.

      First, you must install Cinnamon. This is a pretty involved step just to change your theme, so be sure you’d actually rather use Cinnamon than Unity.


      Once Cinnamon is installed you’ll need to log out, and then back in. At the login screen click the Ubuntu logo next to your username and select Cinnamon from the drop-down.

      To install the theme simply decompress the theme zip file in your .themes folder (/home/USERNAME/.themes/). Then right click on the Cinnamon panel and click Settings, then Themes, then select Ambiance Modern from the list.

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