MC Online for DashClock

MC Online

Do you have a favorite Minecraft server? Would you like to be able to see who’s currently playing right from your home or lock screen? If so,then MC Online is for you.

MC Online is an extension for the DashClock widget that shows you who’s online on your favorite Minecraft server.

The app can be configured to open a website when clicked, so you can have quick access to your server’s forums or website right from your home screen.

This application requires Android 4.2 or higher, and the DashClock app to function.

You can purchase the app from Google Play Store, or download a free trial APK here.


Some Notes

1. This widget will only work for servers that have Query enabled:

2. Port in settings is the query port, not the main port.

3. If the server is offline, or if no one is online the extension will not show up on DashClock. This is normal, and you will see it again the next time it updates and the server has players on it.

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