Weather Alerts for DashClock

Weather Alerts for DashClockA simple DashClock extension for displaying weather watches, warnings, and advisories for your current location.

Weather Alerts uses the National Weather Service API to provide you with severe weather information, right on your lockscreen or home screen. Because of this, Weather Alerts is currently US only.

You can purchase the app from the Google Play Store, or Click Here To Download The APK.

Be sure to review the app notes below the screenshot before purchasing or installing.

DashClock Lockscreen Widget

Some Notes

  • This application requires Android 4.2, and the DashClock app to function.
  • This app will not work outside the US. I’m currently looking into adding a UK and/or international weather alert API, but the ones I’ve looked at so far are too expensive.
  • This application uses your last known location, rather than polling for your current location, to help conserve battery. This means that your location may not be up to date.
  • This application extension has currently only been tested on the Google Nexus 10 Android tablet. Let me know if it’s not displaying correctly on your device.
  • Weather Alerts is meant to provide additional weather information for the DashClock widget. It is NOT a replacement for a real time weather alert system, like NOAA weather radio. Please watch or listen to your local weather brodcasts for information on severe weather near you.
  • Click Here To Download The APK

11 thoughts on “Weather Alerts for DashClock”

  1. Why is it free here but $1 on Google Play? I have a CM10.1 GS2 T989 I’ll test it on. It seems like one of the few useful dashclock extension

              1. No worries. Its my fault for not paying attention. Sorry to bother you. I’ll check it out if I ever update.

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